01. Who We Are A Leading African
Venture Capital Firm

V8 Capital Partners is a leading African Venture Capital firm focused on backing visionary entrepreneurs across the continent. V8’s specialized know-how and investments are aimed at harnessing disruption, accelerating growth while levelling the playing field for best-in-class African IP.

We have invested in several of the leading enterprise technology businesses across the continent through 3 Funds (VCP Legacy Fund, VCP Pre-Growth I and VCP GPF I) and also in early Seed stage businesses through V8 Growth Labs I. Our most recent fund, VCP Growth Fund I LP launched Q4 2022.

With over 70 years of global expertise and know-how across private equity, venture capital and consulting, our flexible approach allows investors capitalise on the significant opportunity to invest in the African enterprise technology space.

We provide entrepreneurs with specialised know-how and capital to accelerate growth, and investors with exposure to the best risk-adjusted growth opportunities on the continent.

02. Our Strategy Automating African Businesses

Business Automation

We focus on data-centric services that enable business-process transformation. Given the rapidly increasing opportunities for digital transformation in African businesses, we aim to enable automation through our investments, boosting economic growth and improving the livelihoods of all Africans.

Disrupting Verticals

We believe Business Automation will lead to significant opportunities across several verticals. Specifically, industries where technology provides an adequate substitute for basic infrastructure. This in turn provides transformative access and increases efficiencies for both businesses and consumers.

B2B2C Business Model

Across Africa, there is a significant funding gap for technology companies with a Business to Business to Consumer business model. Our strategy is to focus on supporting regional leaders in enterprise software across the continent.

Improving African’s standard of Living

We invest in disruptive companies that offer goods and/or services that increase the standard of living for Africans in their community. These improvements are achieved by enhancing businesses’ access to customers and/or reducing the cost of delivering goods and services at scale across the continent.

03. Our Focus Areas V8 Automation Verticals

Financial services automation is rapidly accelerating across the globe and on the continent. We believe it will enable more financial inclusion across Africa.

Healthcare automation is an important link in aiding the improvement of healthcare outcomes on the continent.

  We believe technology  in education is key to providing accessible educational tools to majority of Africans. This is a key investment focus area.

Distribution networks are critical to technology enablement and is one of our investment focus areas.

The Agricultural supply chain in  Africa is very inefficient. We believe technology can be used to remove bottlenecks and reduce the price of food for the African consumer. 

04. How it works

Investors/LP’s fund V8 Capital Partners

V8 Capital Partners invests Growth Capital and it’s Knowhow at Series A financing rounds

Technology businesses accelerate, automate their clients and transform lives of Africans

05. V8 Engine Impact Continuous Improvement

Our team are adept at applying global principles with a local context to consistently drive value. We leverage strong relationships globally and across the continent to help businesses raise growth capital and also increase revenues through business development expansion.

For our entrepreneurs, creating a digital platform capable of replacing weak infrastructure while optimising their sales pipeline is key. We provide specific know-how on delivering these key success factors for enterprise businesses with our experienced team and deep expertise.

We know that good governance, anchored by the principles of transparency and accountability is the cornerstone of any sustainable business and we ensure that every company we invest in embodies these principles. In addition, we provide robust frameworks that allow entrepreneurs assess and manage critical risks to their business.

We take a long-term view on our investments and are as equally focused on adding value as we are on delivering superior returns to our investors. We look for businesses that use technology to provide innovative solutions that address structural issues. This in turn has a significant impact on the lives of millions across the continent.

06. Development Impact Our Development Impact

07. V8 Capital Foundation Digital Access For All Foundation (DAAF)

"The first time young Africans get computers in their hands is high school. In the U.S. it’s at age four.” – National Geographic

The Digital Access for All Foundation (DAAF), is here to change that narrative. We are on a mission to make Africa’s late arrival to the digital economy a competitive advantage. Working with our portfolio companies, we provide technology training programs in every region they operate.

We provide access to devices, teach IT literacy, encourage entrepreneurship, and ensure that Africa, with its relatively young population, is in the best place to learn from mistakes already made by Silicon Valley and capitalise on the growing opportunities for automation and scale across the continent.